The Privateum Team Vision

The Privateum Team shares their vision and expertise within the framework of Privateum Initiative

Alex Shtern- Co-Founder & CEO

“Privateum for me is something like a new level for overall crypto industry in general. Privacy and financial liberties are at stake in the FATF- tightened fiat regulations worldwide. Imagine having money without the right to use them in a lawful manner just because it can seem to be suspicious for an unknown individual somewhere behind banking firewalls. Yes, we all have to pay taxes, there is no doubt, but nobody has the right to limit personal freedom of spending in the way one wants to do so. So, for me Privateum is an attempt to limit official super tension and bureaucratic pressure in the rightful manner.”

Gevorg Airapetian-Co-Founder & CTO

“Building a strong joint project of several research teams and companies has made a truly world changing platform.”

Vitali Nikolian- Financial Advisor

“Contemporary financial transactions require instant response times alongside significant background risk evaluation, verification, approval and other back office support procedures.

Each stage of the process must adopt fault-resistant and transparent steps so both parties are identified and the transfer is fully traceable. Subsequently, each stage of the transaction process is subject to strict regulatory controls, which result in higher transaction costs. Through reconfiguring the process at the basic framework level and taking advantage of crypto-networks, the overall payment system becomes more transparent and easier to perform.

Privateum enables this reconfiguration of the system thereby ensuring real privacy, affordability, and regulatory compliance.”



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