The Privateum Initiative Whitepaper-About

When Governments and Institutions started invading privacy and creating obstacles for the average crypto user, it was obvious that total surveillance was inevitable. That is why in 2019, several research teams and companies from legal industries, fin-tech and marketing and sales, joined together on an endeavour to research about the possibility of providing private assets management and secure crypto processing. Having seen Cryptocurrencies losing its core of privacy due to numerous legal and institutional intrusions, the Privateum Research Team had a clear vision of the crypto community’s lack of security, privacy and protection.

The Privateum Initiative Whitepaper documents a part of the complex legal solution and realization of privacy and protection of crypto investors not only in the technological sphere, but in the legal/offline environment too. The Privateum Initiative Whitepaper unfolds the mechanism that has built the technological, legal and community solution to protect the community from any kinds of intrusions.

Read the Privateum Initiave Whitepaper here:

The Privateum Initiative Whitepaper



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Privateum is a technological and legal solution based community platform that enables private assets management.