Privateum Wallet Beta Testing Announcement

Privateum Wallet Beta Testing is Here!

We’re excited to announce that the next phase of Privateum Wallet, the Beta program, is officially live.

Beta testers detailed and actionable feedback is vital for making improvements to Privateum Wallet.

The updated version of Privateum Wallet includes the following NEW features:

  • Multiple wallets support

If you want to help us make Privateum Wallet even better you can join our beta program for Android.

To participate in testing, please download the wallet app here.

Kindly note, that the beta testing link will be active for a week!

Please either send us your comments and feedback to the following email:


write to to join beta testers Telegram chat!

Your feedback will help us gauge product satisfaction and build quality.

Whether it’s a brilliant suggestion for a new feature — or an insight into how we can make existing features even better, your input is welcome.

Get the Privateum Wallet app now!

Put your money in motion!

For more information visit:

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Join our official Privateum Telegram group to participate in discussions!



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