Privateum Q4 AMA Event Recap-18/12/21

The Privateum AMA is Live!

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:00]
We are delighted to have our CTO & Co-Founder Gevorg Airapetian here with us, to answer your most burning questions!

We have picked the most requested questions from our beloved community, so firstly we would like to thank you all for your participations!

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:01]
Gevorg, I would like to say welcome and thank you for your time!

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:01]
Would you like to say anything to the community before we start?

Gevorg, [18/12/2021 17:02]
thank you all for your time! Hi everyone, I would like to say few words before answering the questions

Gevorg, [18/12/2021 17:03]
First of all I want to thank all your support and for their valuable feedback. As I mentioned in the past we are using Lean and Agile methodologies in our products delivery process, which means we deliver MVPs, get your feedback and constantly improve.
I am noticing some negativity in community group, someone even gave us 1 star for our wallet MVP version. 1 star, really? This is how you support and motivate us? I see few impatient members who are constantly trying to push for aggressive marketing, bigger liquidity, etc… My answer is we are making decisions based on data, we constantly analyze other teams steps and results and we are not going to repeat other teams mistakes as one wise man said “It takes a wise man to learn from his mistakes but an even wiser man to learn from others”. But I also see our community members progress. I’m happy that you are also growing and improving your skills as an investor. Now most of you understand the value of our products for our bright future. For those who still don’t get what we do and how we do we are always there for you to guide and I hope you will improve the way you “support” us. Unhealthy constant negativity will be considered as manipulation and we will ask politely to “support” other projects.

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:04]
Thank you Gevorg! The more togetherness, the stronger we are as a collective!

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:04]
I hope everyone will find something in common with this message 😊

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:04]
If that’s all Gevorg, I will ask the first question!

Gevorg, [18/12/2021 17:04]
yes please

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:05]
Question 1: When will passive income be implemented?

Gevorg, [18/12/2021 17:06]
Passive income is not product implementation only, otherwise it has been already delivered, it’s first of all the business and our ecosystem growth.
The team is constantly working on development of the ecosystem, legal and financial infrastructure of the Privateum Initiative. Y2022 is quite rich for such a planned introduction of new opportunities both for cooperative members and ordinary Privateum Wallet public holders. Each service is extensively planned, tested, wrapped up in a legally correct and compliant set of policies. Each and every new functionality will be announced and promoted via Privateum public channel.
By the midst of 2022 Q2 there will be a bunch of new opportunities added to Privateum Wallet.

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:07]
“By the midst of 2022 Q2 there will be a bunch of new opportunities added to Privateum Wallet”-we can not wait for that!

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:08]
I know we mentioned marketing more for the Chinese Community and getting them involved, so the next question is:

2. How are you going to increase publicity to the Chinese market?

Gevorg, [18/12/2021 17:09]
Due to scrutiny and quite prohibitive Chinese policies on cryptocurrencies in general, as well as the overprotective position of Chinese Government on foreign infrastructures expansion, the issue is a very sensitive and difficult to predict. Privateum Initiative recently launched Ambassador programs all over the world. We believe, building stronger partnerships and ties with Chinese audiences in connection with mutual profitability of cooperation, is the best strategy to involve Chinese members in joint activities.

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:10]
And I’m sure everyone here will agree, Privateum is the perfect project for the Chinese community in terms of their current issues!

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:10]
Thank you Gevorg!

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:11]
Next question will interest alot of new users especially!

3. What is the Privateum Initiative Roadmap for 2022?

Gevorg, [18/12/2021 17:12]
[In reply to Privateum Admin]
Our business and legal solutions of the platform gives us opportunity to use blockchain technology and make it accessible to everyone

Gevorg, [18/12/2021 17:12]
[In reply to Privateum Admin]
In 2022 Privateum will focus on the expansion of the ecosystem and product innovation. Official 2022 roadmap will be published soon with more details about our products, and with our team growing we are planning to deliver more than we had initially planned and announced. We might even have our own DEX or even new progressive chains integration/support, or NFT marketplace, who knows ;-) we will find out together in the official Roadmap.
But few things we are working on constantly are adding more features to our public wallet and delivering privateum payment system and cooperative ecosystem. These are our highest priorities

Gevorg, [18/12/2021 17:13]
we are constantly monitoring good products and solutions on Blockchain and will be there to take full advantage and build new services on top of it

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:13]
[In reply to Gevorg]
This is the key!

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:14]
[In reply to Gevorg]
I would encourage to re-read this twice!

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:14]
Privateum DEX, anyone? 🚀🔥

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:15]
2022 will be a huge year for Privateum, we cannot wait for the new Roadmap!

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:15]
4. Almost 3/4 of investors are focused purely on the price of a token in the short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us the motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in the long term?

Gevorg, [18/12/2021 17:16]
It is well known that the majority of current market tokens’ value is mainly based on speculation, whereas PVM token has an actual utility behind its ecosystem.
More tokens will be required for business growth , but fewer tokens will be available just because cooperative members will be motivated to hold them in order to get more shares from Privateum profits.

We have designed an incrementally growing business model, where we will start from local businesses, communities and continuously grow globally. Now attention. Hint from me :-) Within investing and holding everyone has a unique opportunity to think how to become our partner to grow our ecosystem in his country, region or even in community. You know what unique business we are going to have, think how to monetize it.

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:19]
[In reply to Gevorg]
Great opportunities here! Please pay attention to Gevorg’s words

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:19]
“More tokens will be required for business growth , but fewer tokens will be available just because cooperative members will be motivated to hold them in order to get more shares from Privateum profits.”

“Hint from me :-) Within investing and holding everyone has a unique opportunity to think how to become our partner to grow our ecosystem in his country, region or even in community. You know what unique business we are going to have, think how to monetize it.”

Gevorg, [18/12/2021 17:19]
[In reply to Privateum Admin]
Don’t wait for us to come to your community, bring your community to our ecosystem and grow business

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:21]
[In reply to Gevorg]
Thank you Gevorg!

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:21]
5. What will be the new features and updates that will be added to the recently launched Privateum Wallet?

Gevorg, [18/12/2021 17:22]
Privateum Wallet will take another step towards adding new wallet features such as:
- The app will be available not only for Android but also iOS users
- It will support more tokens, networks, currencies
- Customization of gas fees
- More trading analytic data will be available
- New skins and themes for wallet
- Localization and support for different languages
- More chain integrations, more DeFi products integration
- Business and members onboarding
- And more

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:24]
I think many of holders are going to find this answer lovely!🔥

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:25]
6. Is there any update on the NFT?

Gevorg, [18/12/2021 17:25]
There is not currently on the market solution to support our unique NFT product, we are considering building our ecosystem for the NFT growing market too. We are currently evaluating business value and scope of the product

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:26]
It is unique and first of its kind, so of course the current marketplaces are not ready for such a product yet. The interested for the NFT has been tremendous including from many big influencers, so it will be amazing to see it launch as soon as possible!

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:27]
7. What is the current Marketing plan?

Gevorg, [18/12/2021 17:28]
Currently, Privateum partners with Adera Agency to boost its digital presence, drive more leads and amplify brand exposure with result-driven marketing strategies.
Adera with its diverse marketing expertise, will help Privateum Initiative to stand out online and get one step ahead of the competitors. Lately we announced few partnerships that will bring AI and ML high tech solutions to help us understand better new trends and marketing strategies

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:30]
[In reply to Gevorg]
Thank you Gevorg. There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes, so it is always good to see that you mention it so the Privateum community knows that everything is working, nothing is being left out. Especially Marketing and Marketing plans

Gevorg, [18/12/2021 17:32]
regarding marketing, we know how others are promoting very quickly their products but we don’t want to make same mistakes, it usually good for pump and dump. We are growing steadily and organically

Gevorg, [18/12/2021 17:33]
remember one thing, the most important for us is our community, we are motivated to build strong community as Big Global Family

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:33]
Well I’m sure any Partnership that Privateum Initiative does, had a well thought and long-term process and thinking behind it. Especially something as important as the marketing for the project

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:33]
[In reply to Gevorg]
It definitely feels like it, and the feeling will only grow stronger!

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:34]
So to our final question!

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:34]
8. You have had impressive partnerships this quarter! Is there any specific company you’d like to partner with?

Gevorg, [18/12/2021 17:35]
In 2022 Q1 we are planning to finish our KYC/KYB portal and start our ecosystem business strategic partnership onboarding. We are going to start with Service providers first then continue with Goods providers/producers. We will be happy to see everybody who is motivated to make our future better and make the Earth the best place to leave

Gevorg, [18/12/2021 17:36]
We have very high requirements for our partners, they have to share same values we have ;-) and have same motivation to make our world the better place for our next generations

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:36]
[In reply to Gevorg]
This is so important. Alot of PVM holders will definitely be happy hearing this!

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:37]
As you say, this is just the beginning and this shows where exactly the Privateum Initiative is going and what’s in the very near future of the company

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:38]
Gevorg, I would like to thank you from the whole Privateum community for your time, and these very intriguing and interesting updates, news and announcements!

Gevorg, [18/12/2021 17:38]
thank you all for your time and support! Have a wonderful weekend and holidays!

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:39]
Thank you Gevorg!

For everyone here, we will have a recap of this AMA event very soon for anyone to access and re-read the questions and answers

Privateum Admin, [18/12/2021 17:40]
Thank you for everyone’s involvement and everyone who will be joining us later on!

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