Privateum presents its Roadmap for 2022

What is the Privateum Roadmap?

The Privateum roadmap is a summary of Privateum development, which has been organized into dates by yearly quarters, highlighting the exciting innovative products and services’ releases and launches coming this year!

With years and months of research, development and testing often in progress all at once across different streams, the work gathered and presented on the Privateum Roadmap is a testament and representation of years of efforts, summarising our objectives and goals for 2022. With exclusive innovative product launches coming, Privateum’s positioning is aimed at a breakthrough year. This includes the long awaited:

  • Wallet New features
  • Privateum Pay API
  • Privateum Dex
  • Bridges
  • Farming
  • Legal Portal (KYC/KYC)
  • Business Onboarding
  • Security Testing and Audits
  • Privateum Vault
  • NFT Support
  • Privateum Platform Go Live
  • Members onboarding

We are expanding our ecosystem this year, realizing Privateum’s integral utility in the industry with the releases and launches of our key products and services, that will see Privateum at the forefront of innovation and breakthrough.

You can also view the new Roadmap for 2022 here!

Privateum Initiative



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Privateum is a technological and legal solution based community platform that enables private assets management.