Privateum Monthly Review: Jan-Feb

Great Start to 2022

During January Privateum looked back at the past year and set forth a new agenda for 2022.

Major Milestones in January:

  • Privateum trading as $PVM token hits 10,000 holders. Meanwhile, it continues to be The Largest Asset Management Project on BNB Chain.
  • $PVM also saw all-time highs in trading volume. It surpassed transaction volumes of more than $100 Million.

With Staking, PVM holders will be able to grow their funds by receiving monthly rewards simply by depositing and holding funds on HitBTC Exchange.

Major Milestones in February:

In February Privateum started by picking up the pace on the rollout of announcing more products and services, as well as new strategic and media partnerships, a wide range of collaborations and serious discussions.

  • Privateum team announced Alex Shmulevich as its new CEO to further accelerate global growth and innovation.

He is well-regarded as an industry visionary with a proven ability to energize partners and teams towards meeting and exceeding business objectives.

  • The former Privateum CEO Alex Shtern was appointed as a Senior Advisor. He will continue to provide the project with his valuable input and expertise.

The Roadmap includes the following key products and services that will see Privateum at the forefront of innovation and breakthrough.

Privateum Platform

Privateum Vault

Privateum Dex

Privateum VC

Privateum & Bank Integration

Privateum Wallet

Privateum KYC / KYB

Privateum Legal Framework

Payment System

  • Privateum celebrated its 1st anniversary.

It has been amazing so far and this year promises to be full of excitement with many critical upcoming milestones.

As a result of participation Privateum achieved new strategic partnerships, a wide range of collaborations including Institutional Investors, Hedge Funds, and Angel Investors.

➤Few media partners including Sergey Sevantsyan have shown their interest to participate in the promotion of Privateum project within their communities.

➤Serious discussions were made with the First Abu Dhabi Bank for setting up an initial bank account for Privateum Co-oP in Abu Dhabi (which shall be officially registered in Dubai in March).

  • Privateum announced the signing of a Partnership Agreement with the YOUA Global Cryptocurrency Group, which became the first strategic investor for Privateum (PVM) Initiative Project.

➤At the first stage of partnership YOUA Group will invest 5 Million USD in PVM.

➤At the second stage YOUA Group and Privateum Initiative will set up a BUSINESS INCUBATING FUND (under the name ‘’PRIVATEUM LABS’’) for maintaining a wider range of technological startups focusing on the PVM fintech model.

➤Meanwhile, YOUA Group will provide entire services for the future Listing procedures (IDO, IEO) within the Major Exchanges.

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