Privateum Initiative partners with Rsquad for mutual support of software development based on Blockchain technology

Privateum Initiative is excited to announce a new partnership with Rsquad to extend its services, and drive innovation in software products.

“We are grateful to the Privateum team for the invitation to participate in the development of the project. We sincerely believe that this project is destined to success due to a combination of factors: a groundbreaking idea, a professional project team, strong partners and the right time for implementation” — Boris Pimonenko, RSquad, CEO

Rsquad is a blockchain Lab, experienced in developing software which is based on blockchain technology. Since 2015, Rsquad specialists have implemented more than 50 projects in corporate web-development, blockchain, IT-consulting and the creation of highly loaded systems.

Rsquad has been following TON technologies since its inception. They fully share the principles and approaches described in the Declaration of Decentralization.

The new cooperation for Privateum Initiative is a significant stride towards accelerating the development of the fastest growing global fintech platform in the market.

We welcome Rsquad to the Privateum Initiative ecosystem and are thrilled to envision the upcoming accomplishments to be achieved together!

This partnership is just one of series of upcoming partnerships for Privateum Initiative, strategically designed to leap forward to the top of the industry.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Privateum Initiative

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