Privateum at ‘’Blockchain Dubai Summit 2022’’

Privateum delegation under the leadership of our CEO — Alex Shmulevich with top blockchain experts and crypto leaders from around the world took part in ‘’Blockchain Summit 2022’’ in Dubai — the biggest hub of the Worldwide Blockchain and Crypto industries.

The summit was a leading gathering of senior decision-makers discussing the impact of blockchain and associated technologies on financial services. It aimed at discussing and accelerating the development of blockchain technologies in banking and finance institutions.

During the summit famous Blockchain visionaries and crypto leaders spoke on the stage to highlight the development of the global digital economy, the future of blockchain technology, business cases and practical experience of the technological implementation within the industry.

It was an exceptional opportunity for Privateum Initiative to meet industry leaders from around the world, exchange ideas, discuss prospects for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, and find ways to promote the further development of Privateum Ecosystem.

As a result of participation Privateum achieved new strategic partnerships, a wide range of collaborations including Institutional Investors, Hedge Funds, and Angel Investors. The Privateum Initiative was met as a very promising concept of providing the market with the specially designed Digital Asset Management System based on the cooperative concept (Co-oP).

Few media partners including Sergey Sevantsyan have shown their interest to participate in the promotion of our project within their communities.

Serious discussion with the First Abu Dhabi Bank was about achieving mutual understanding for integrating our model within one of the biggest UAE Banking Corporations. We are intending to set up an initial bank account there for our first Privateum Co-oP (which shall be officially registered in Dubai in March).

According to Alex Shmulevich, Privateum CEO:

“That was the first significant presentation of our Project to the different International experts and society decision makers. I am convinced that we are in the right place and the right time. Market is willing to get more legitimized and official solutions like we propose. Our system looks very promising by its transparency and legal protection together with providing exceptional privacy and democracy for the entire market members. We will work hard to make the system utmost convenient and efficient for our users. Now we feel a serious raise of interest in the project from Investors, Corporate Strategic Partners, VCs, Media Influencers, and truly believe we are on the right and successful path’’.

Privateum’s CEO Alex Shmulevich & Solomon Mwamba, Founder of Majestic Coin

That’s a wrap for last week!

However more detailed news about a particular PARTNERSHIP with one of the global Blockchain leaders will be coming soon.

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Privateum is a technological and legal solution based community platform that enables private assets management.