Privateum Announces Strategic Partnership With YOUA Global Cryptocurrency Business Group

Agreement will see YOUA and PVM building PRIVATEUM PLATFORM & PRIVATEUM LABS

At the first stage of partnership YOUA Group will invest 5 Million USD in PVM.

The investment is dedicated to support further development of PVM’s technology, to provide PVM with particular marketing and business development strategy and to maintain further business partnerships with the Leading Blockchain market players, including TOP Exchanges.

At the second stage YOUA Group and Privateum Initiative will set up a BUSINESS INCUBATING FUND (under the name ‘’PRIVATEUM LABS’’) for maintaining a wider range of technological startups focusing on the PVM fintech model.

YOUA Group will provide entire services for the future Listing procedures (IDO, IEO) within the Major Exchanges.

We are excited to work closely with the YOUA team to build out our shared vision!

About YOUA Group

YOUA -​ Global Cryptocurrency Business Group is one of the leading companies in IT, FA and Global business making. It deals with world-class businesses, and projects. Delegates a venture incubation program to said businesses, designs and implements it to better fit the local market. The business group is focused on investing, incubating and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) particularly in Blockchain/Fintech industries for nurturing and cultivating new businesses with the goal to support the new businesses to become prominent.

YOUA, led by Joanna (Jojo Jiang), received recognition & support from the UAE Royal family for its capabilities & future prospects in the blockchain sphere. With the establishment of its headquarters in Burj Khalifa recently, YOUA Group became the first blockchain company in the world to receive such support, also aiming to form blockchain-related fund projects together with the Royal family.

YOUA Group plans to develop its cryptocurrency and investment incubating business in YOUA Dubai, YOUA Australia & YOUA USA.

YOUA Korea & YOUA China will be responsible for its technological development. With its presence & reach around the globe, YOUA Group plans to launch its crypto-tainment service in 2022 at a global level. As of now, various key blockchain experts from Binance, Huobi & OKEX have already joined the project. Further, YOUA Group is planning to expand its partnership networks beyond the already-established partnerships with Binance, Bitmain, Huobi & CoinTelegraph.

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About Privateum

Privateum Initiative is the unique legally protected digital assets management system with specially designed privacy model based on the cooperative concept.

It is a new way to own, store, and manage your digital assets, including trading, exchanges, investments, loans, VC and other types of private banking transactions.

The primary mission of the project is to create a global network owned and operated by its members, free from a central authority and driven by the shared values of independence, equality, and self-organization. The system integrates both Public and Private networks (Blockchains) into a global financial institute fully conformed to the existing legal framework.

PVM utility token, the heart of Privatum ecosystem, is a gateway which will allow users’ access to products and services offered by the sophisticated Privateum platform.

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Privateum is a technological and legal solution based community platform that enables private assets management.