Get Access to Partnerships and Benefits with PVM Token

Owing to its cooperative business model, partnerships are at the core of Privateum’s existence.

A Cooperative is a legal organization owned and controlled by its members. Members are in partnership with the enterprise as producers or consumers of its products or services. Economic benefits are distributed proportionally to each member’s level of participation in the cooperative, for instance, by a dividend on sales or purchases, rather than according to the invested capital.

Privateum’s approach to providing true anonymity in the crypto space is through institutional partnerships and cooperatives. The team at Privateum is of the opinion that institutionally supported privacy-enabling cryptocurrency is better than the ones without the support of institutions. This hypothesis is because institutions already have regulatory clearances that aren’t present in most of the current crypto ecosystem.

Privateum has multiple partnership programs aimed to put all fintech services under one umbrella.

Legal Representative Partnership Program

The Privateum ecosystem gives access to their community members to use private asset management. By becoming Privateum’s legal representative partner, a business or a firm gets fees from each PVM owned to Private asset swap processing fees for legal representation of the community members’ personal and business data. Accordingly, the legal representative partners will be segregated by country.

The highly secured and encrypted Privateum member’s data repository with physical key access will be only available to the customer’s direct representative in a particular country. The division of representatives is made by country since each country has distinct legislation and a different way to approach the legislators. In many ways, this is decentralization and diversification of legal risks that the crypto ecosystem is exposed to.

When a company becomes a member of Privateum’s ecosystem, it gets unique private assets management representation in order to provide personalized and private service. Also, it connects the companies to the global fintech services provider network.

In essence, Privateum is a future generation financial partnership platform that connects the growing crypto market to the private asset management system which can be integrated with the worldwide Financial organizations through Privateum’s local cooperative members.



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Privateum is a technological and legal solution based community platform that enables private assets management.