Development Updates:

Privateum Public Wallet Dev Updates was released, highlighting the major development features that have been successfully completed. We are delighted to see the current development progress as we are constantly reaching all our targets as per The Privateum Q3 Roadmap faster than expected.

It just seems like yesterday when Elon Musk’s tweet back in February 2021 and announced that Tesla will be buying 1.5B worth of BTC (Bitcoin digital currency). Since then he has become yet another “Wolf of Crypto Street” having a huge impact on what happens in this market. I started watching Tesla and crypto a year ago when Elon started tweeting about dogecoin. His endorsement and follow-on public involvement would have huge impacts on this innovative space. Like when last May, Elon tweeted his concerns of this space’s growth and the increase of fossil fuel usage. He said that Tesla…

Development Updates:

The Privateum Wallet early development demo was released, giving us a glimpse into the basic features of the wallet and the private wallet. This includes the transactions features of both fiat and crypto, showcasing the ease and simplicity of transferring an amount into another wallet privately. The early development demo also shows the wallet holdings, how it works and what to expect.

Certik Audit Commencement

We are delighted to have begun an audit process with Certik, which is now in progress and will be concluded in the next couple of weeks.

Development Updates:

Launch of the official Privateum Platform User Guide

The User guide of the official Privateum Platform has been launched this month.

The User Guide contains and explains the functions and key components including Wallet management, Swap functions, Private and Public wallet capabilities.

We are happy to announce our collaboration with ENKE Systems — Software Development Company focused on accelerated software engineering. Privateum and ENKE Systems will work together to conduct constant and thorough development, quality assurance and efficient software delivery.

Enke Systems has great experience in financial, media, utility and blockchain industries. Having a world-class engineering team, using cutting edge technologies and solutions, we believe that Enke Systems is the right strategic partner for Privateum.

Under this partnership, ENKE Systems will support Privateum Innovative solution customer facing applications development with possessing the most up to date and immaculate working application via rigorous testing exercises, aiding in the continuation of Privateum as the financial platform of the future.

Privateum Initiative

Get yourself linked to the initiative of well-balanced legal privacy enhancement:

When it comes to the security and integrity of a Blockchain, nothing is quite as scary as the prospect of a 51% attack.

Broadly speaking, a 51% attack is essentially a ‘hack’ of a Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain that allows hackers to do a variety of malicious activities which in the short term may be financially beneficial but will ultimately destroy a cryptocurrency and plummet the price. …

Careers at Privateum announces the Ambassador Program!

Following our fast progress internationally, we are looking for enthusiastic native speaking individuals from the below countries to apply for the chance to be an official Privateum Ambassador.

As a Privateum Ambassador you will be responsible for:

-Translating and sharing official Privateum content in your native language

-Collecting feedback from local users and community

-Raising awareness

-Managing local Telegram group

Specified languages and countries are:






Ready to start?

If you think you have what it takes, send us your CV and short motivation letter of why you would like to become our ambassador to

Privateum Initiative

Get yourself linked to the initiative of well-balanced legal privacy enhancement:

Cryptocurrencies offer an alternative to traditional methods of electronic value exchange, promising anonymous, cash-like electronic transfers, but in practice, they fall short for several key reasons. In reality, they aren’t as private as it is commonly believed.

Analysis of the most famous cryptocurrencies can identify that the problem persists not only as a result of prevalent web trackers and the reuse of pseudonyms linked to current wallets, but also because inbound transactions to a current cryptocurrency address can fundamentally be linked to outbound transactions from that address.

Privateum Network, based on ‘Consortium Blockchain Technology’, has an internal secured private blockchain…

The Privateum Team shares their vision and expertise within the framework of Privateum Initiative

Alex Shtern- Co-Founder & CEO

“Privateum for me is something like a new level for overall crypto industry in general. Privacy and financial liberties are at stake in the FATF- tightened fiat regulations worldwide. Imagine having money without the right to use them in a lawful manner just because it can seem to be suspicious for an unknown individual somewhere behind banking firewalls. Yes, we all have to pay taxes, there is no doubt, but nobody has the right to limit personal freedom of spending in the way one wants to do so. …

When Governments and Institutions started invading privacy and creating obstacles for the average crypto user, it was obvious that total surveillance was inevitable. That is why in 2019, several research teams and companies from legal industries, fin-tech and marketing and sales, joined together on an endeavour to research about the possibility of providing private assets management and secure crypto processing. Having seen Cryptocurrencies losing its core of privacy due to numerous legal and institutional intrusions, the Privateum Research Team had a clear vision of the crypto community’s lack of security, privacy and protection.

The Privateum Initiative Whitepaper documents a part…


Privateum is a technological and legal solution based community platform that enables private assets management.

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