5 Reasons To Buy The Privateum (PVM) Token

Privateum leverages the concept of consortium blockchains to build a privacy-preserving cryptocurrency that is secure, global, and sustainable. Bringing institutional support to cryptocurrencies while ensuring users’ anonymity will add more stability to the space. In order to provide privacy to users while being compliant with laws, the platform incorporates an in-house proof of consensus mechanism, a proprietary privacy and security infrastructure.

This blog post introduces Privateum’s infrastructure and touches upon the reasons why the crypto community is bullish on privacy-preserving institutionally-supported cryptocurrencies.

Built on Consortium Blockchain Network

Consortium blockchains are an ideal combination of private and public networks. Despite being private, they are designed to offer a blockchain-based solution that is accessible to everyone. Privateum is built on the concept of a consortium network, which allows institutions to conduct financial transactions and users to carry private transactions on its network to keep users’ anonymity intact while being compliant with the regulators.

The Greener and More Sustainable Consensus

An energy-efficient consensus of a blockchain network is much needed for sustainable growth. Instead of using an energy-expensive PoW (Proof-of-Work) or an unproved PoS (Proof-of-Stake), Privateum uses a

Ghost Network™, which inherits the property of the PoA (Proof-of-Authority) mechanism to reach a consensus within the network.

The network randomly selects the validators who stake their identity to validate transactions on the network. Privateum also has multiple ways to ensure that the network validators don’t misuse their authority and always work in the favor of the network.

Privateum’s Zero Trust™ and Privateum’s Encrypt Everything, Know Nothing™

The Privateum Encrypt Everything, Know Nothing™ is a privacy-preserving concept, which means the information of a user over the Privateum network is protected end-to-end, and not even the network can access it.

Privateum’s Zero Trust™ innovations further strengthen its security and network. It means the network will perform identity and context checks on users before giving them access to the Privateum’s infrastructure. Additionally, the network will continue to monitor user activities for security breaches and to grant validation privileges.

Audited and Verified

The audit proves that the underlying project is serious about the vision and has been audited for any possible bugs or rug pulls. Certik, a blockchain and smart contract security expert, has successfully conducted a security assessment on Privateum’s code to ensure the project is clean.

PVM Token Analysis

A BEP-20 token, PVM is the native token of the Privateum network that aims to raise initial funds for building the network infrastructure. Token holders can participate in certain events organized by the platform.

Since the launch, the token has performed exceptionally well, with the price increasing four-fold in just four months. Even during the bear market, PVM continued to form green candles on the chart and traded above the $0.5 price mark. With a market cap of close to $71 million, the token is trading at $0.88 at the time of writing.

Time to Consider

As the crypto space tries to strike a chord with regulations worldwide, Crypto investors can see the rise of platforms that can offer privacy while being compliant.

Privateum is a step ahead with an innovative solution that allows it to protect the privacy of its users. At the same time, the platform is working towards the inclusion of institutions in the crypto space.



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